Least Known Ways To Secure Facebook Account

In the modern life Facebook is one of the important part of human life. In case you want to know about someone you will go to Facebook and search about the account of that person. The user of Facebook keep updating his profile with biographical info and pics etc. when the user updates his profile you can easily know about his work, location, contacts and other things. Since there is a vital info about your personality and your self on Facebook you have to keep it secure and far away from those people who wants to harm your image in front of others. Here in this article I will provide strategies and recommendations which will help you to ease your account and secures your account and helps to avoid and bad social media experience.


It is necessary to secure your account because people can hack it via phishing tools like z shadow etc and can easily interfere in your personal info. Read this article this provides different methods and techniques how you secure your account from unauthorized entry.

Controlling the privacy:

There are extraordinary privacy alternatives on facebook inclusive of you can either share your stuff with public or you can restrict into your friends. Well, it’s quite advocated which you preserve your stuff simplest on your buddies in view that they’re those you recognize and they’re those who do no longer have evil thoughts about that during mind. Exposing your facts to the public with ‘public’ privateness settings makes you susceptible to all the stuff that would pass incorrect. So ensure that you switch your privateness settings to ‘buddies’ from ‘public’.

Protecting account with your Cell Number:

Facebook asks you to enter your mobile number in order to increase the protection of your account. Also, in these days, it is a wiser policy to make a Facebook account using your cell number. It is because when you create a Facebook ID with your email, it becomes vulnerable to easy hacking. People could easily invade if you fall prey to the methods mentioned above. Because cell numbers cannot be hacked, no one can take the advantage of that and thus, your Facebook will be a secured one. If you have created your profile a long ago with email, you can still change that in the setting.

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