SMS Vs Email

SMS Vs Email

Difference between SMS and Email:

SMS and Email both are used for communication purposes. Short Messaging Service shortly SMS is basically used in cell phone communication system. It is done with personal cell number of the user. On the other hand Email or electronic mail is used to exchange digital communication with the help of computer networks and over internet. Generally the SMS is used for personal use and email is used for official purposes.SMS Vs Email


It is a text messaging service which uses standard protocols of communication which enables cell phones to send and receive short text messages. Through SMS you can send voice messages as well. At the end of 2011 there was about 3.5 billion users of SMS. Which means about 81% cell phone users use SMS to transmit messages.


Email is a short form of electronic mail is usually used to send and receive messages between people who are using electronics. Email was first used in 1960s and in 1970s it was recognized by people and used till today. Like SMS it does not needs cell number it operates through computer networks and internet. Now a days email systems works on store and forward designs. This designs accept, forward, and store sent and received mails.

Main difference between SMS and Email:

  • SMS is used for urgent and long conversations between too persons on the other hand email is used for sending and receiving documents.
  • Email is less costly from SMS when it comes to exchange messages between people who lives in different countries due to high SMS charges.
  • Within the country and for personal use SMS is more convenient from email because it is quick and saves time.
  • Generally SMS is used for personal use while email is used for business purpose.

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