Thermal Printer VS Inkjet Printer

Thermal Printer VS Inkjet Printer

Thermal Printer VS Inkjet Printer:

These two printers are commonly used for printing however there is slightly difference between the two. Inkjet printer is non impact printer. This type of printer sprays drop of liquid ink on a piece of paper and by the spray it forms characters. On the other hand in thermal printer tan image is generated by the help of pushing electrically heated pins on a sensitive paper and with the help of electricity characters and graphics are formed.

Thermal Printer VS Inkjet Printer

Thermal Printer:

Thermal printer is a type of printer in which an image or object is generated by using electrically heated pins on a paper. The paper is basically heat sensitive. Usually thermal printers are used widely and is inexpensive. Quality of thermal prints is not good and usually the printed material fade away after a few months. Many retail shops such as Bata, Service, Imperial uses thermal printers to provide receipts to their customers. There are also some type of thermal printers which are very expensive and their quality is very  good than laser printers and inkjet printers.

Inkjet Printer:

It is a type of no impact printer. Unlike the thermal printer it sprays small drops of ink on a paper. In inkjet printer printing is done with the help of spray. Inkjet printers are very popular for color printing. It is also used for personal use in homes. Inkjet printers have the ability to print both black and white text as well as color printing for images and graphics etc. the quality of inkjet printer is better than the thermal printers and the printed material does not fade away after few months but it mainly depend of the quality of ink used for printing and the quality of paper on which the material is printed.

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